Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.4

Game Name:

Last Day on Earth: Survival

APK Version:


Play Store link:

Root Needed?:


Hacked Features:

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Unlimited Research Points
3. Free Energy Refill
4. Free EXP Boost For Unlimited Days
5. Fast Level UP
6. Build/Upgrades House For Free
7. No Thirst
8. No Hunger
9. Fast Travel

How to Install:

1. Download .APK
2. Install . APK file
3. Play Game

Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.4 Hacked Mod APK Download Link

APK size: 85.6 MB // CTOU: xFeint

Another version:

Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.4 MEGA MOD

1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Research Points
3. Infinite Resources (Collect First)
4. Infinite Health
5. Infinite Armor
6. Infinite Building Health
7. Infinite Energy (Removed)
8. Infinite Weapons/Armors Durability (Increase)
9. Instant Workbenchs Craft
10. High Damage/1 Hit Kill
11. Free Craft (No Resources Needed)
12. All Research Unlocked
13. Free Energy Refill
14. Free EXP Boost For Unlimited Days
15. Weapon Pack Purchased
16. Fast Level UP
17. Build/Upgrades House For Free
18. No Thirst (Fixed)
19. No Hunger (Fixed)
20. Fast Travel

NOTE : Yes you can craft item for free. But you have to be careful..Because the game have to many bug, Some item is not in the game yet even you can craft it, The developer didnt add the item in the game yet..this still in BETA VERSION, Such as dragunov, radio tower ..etc

Last Day on Earth 1.4 Mod xFeint- MOD 2 (Fixed).apk

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